Religion & Belief Roadshow

Religion & Belief Roadshow

A ’Market Place’ in your school. A minimum of six different faiths & beliefs all under one roof. Experience the sights, sounds and fragrances of the different cultures: Vibrant, high-impact, fun and interactive learning with a celebratory festival atmosphere.

  • Colourful stalls run by dedicated faith practitioners
  • Interesting artefacts and cultural foods
  • Opportunity to directly ask questions
  • Cultural/faith musical instruments
  • Clothing tent with cultural/religious items of dress

Suitable for young people from primary to college age range; adaptable for your venue;

Full Day – Maximum numbers (300) dependent on size of venue and times

Religion & Belief Mini Roadshow

A smaller version of full Roadshow, with 4 faiths represented of your choice. Particularly suitable for smaller venues.

Half Day – Maximum numbers (300) dependent on size of venue and times

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