St Philip’s Centre’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

The St Philip’s Centre is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment, where everyone is respected and valued.  It aims to ensure that the organisation is run in such a way that actively prevents harm, harassment, bullying abuse and neglect and is ready to respond safely and well if there are concerns or incidents.

To this end, the Trustees and staff of St Philip’s Centre adopt the Safeguarding policy statement  for children, young people and adults together with the handbook ‘Promoting a Safer Centre’  and commits to the implementation of this policy.

Should you become aware of an incident/concern involving a child, young person or adult on one of St Philip’s Centre’s programmes, you should report this immediately.   A quick guide to how to do this can be found here.   If that person is in immediate harm, you should dial 999.

Our Safeguarding Co-ordinator is Riaz Ravat who can be contacted on 07837 551090

Our Independent Person is:

Marcus Benjamin
Gateway College
17 Colin Grundy Drive
Leicester LE5 1GA

0116 274 4500