Our work is rooted in the church and its values.

We Help Faith Communities Live Well Together By Learning From One Another, Finding Common Ground And Building Relationships.

St Philip’s Centre makes a real difference by working with Christians who want to learn more about world faiths. We provide authentic, informative experiences with people across different faith communities; we believe it is important that Christians not only learn about different faiths, but from them too.

Our Churches Training Officer is happy to lead sessions, give talks to small groups and facilitate training days. We have a selection of sessions you can choose from, or simply get in contact if you want something more bespoke. 

You can watch one of our most popular sessions, A Taste of Faith, in action below: 

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Church Courses

A Taste of Faith

A great introduction to a world faith tradition from a faith practitioner, with religious artefacts and food associated with religious …

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Confident Christianity

The St Philip’s Centre has been awarded a grant from the Methodist Connexion to fund our project Confident Christianity, which aims …

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Festivals & Faiths

A short session exploring religious festivals with at least two faith practitioners, including: These sessions work best when a church …

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Focus On…

These sessions are designed for Christians who want to learn more about religions, faiths and culture and their impact in …

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Our Other Areas Of Work

Workshops for School and College

Educating young people - Our work is rooted in the church and its values. We help faith communities live well together by learning from one another, finding common ground and building relationships.

At the heart of our work are our diverse religious and belief communities.

Our work with communities - We serve them in a number of ways through public benefit activities which include charity days, integration initiatives over food, roundtable discussions, lectures and seminars.

Helping the public sector to serve communities

Training for public sector and business - Over the past 12 years, St Philip’s Centre has educated hundreds of police recruits, as well as the army, prison service, corporations and the public sector.