Intergenerational Linking

Intergenerational Linking connects young people with older people in a way that is reciprocal and beneficial to all who take part. Engaging in intergenerational linking is a powerful way to improve and develop skills in conversation, collaboration and empathy.

Through carefully facilitated partnerships, between Older People’s Groups/Care Homes and Schools/Youth Groups, this project is a way to reduce loneliness and isolation and encourage people to become active citizens within their communities..

The project is totally FREE OF CHARGE.

Once the partnership has been initiated the younger and older people share information as way of an introduction eg cards, video messages, photographs.
The links are then strengthened through a series of shared activities.
Each partnership is free to focus on areas of particular interest or relevance and engage in activities of their choice. This is ultimately a decision for the two partners to agree on but we will offer free resources and training to all involved so as to make the project as impactful as possible.

Activities might include;

  • Storytelling- swapping favourite childhood stories
  • Telling stories of personal experience and identity
  • Learning skills together and from one another
  • Reading to each other
  • Arts and crafts
  • Weather watching or bird watching
  • Discussing hobbies and sharing examples
  • Exploring technology eg face filters, voice recording
  • Learning words or phrases in other languages
  • Sharing special events or festivals
  • Gardening
  • Telling jokes

Examples of the project can be seen here and here

To find out more please contact Ruth Sinhal –