Understanding Celebrations

55mins – Maximum 1 class per session – 35 children

Let us bring festivals to you!

Our 55 minutes workshop gives you

  • The importance of light
  • The story behind the celebration 
  • The significance and meaning 
  • What happens
  • How food plays a part
  • Questions and Answers

It comes with a package of activities and samples of food for the class to enjoy and celebrate, giving a full sensory experience of colour, sounds, taste and smell through arts and crafts and sampling of foods and fragrances in the practice of the particular faith.

You can choose festivals from the following faiths:

  • Christianity e.g. Christmas, Holy Week, Easter
  • Hinduism e.g. Holi, Diwali, Janmashtami
  • Islam e.g. Eid
  • Judaism e.g. Passover
  • Sikhism e.g. Vaisakhi

We also have multi faith workshops covering Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist traditions who celebrate festivals at the same time. A fully interactive and engaging workshop, which can be adapted to suit any year group.

55mins – Maximum 1 class per session – 35 children

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