Programmes we can bring to your school or college:

1.  Religion & Belief Roadshow (Whole School/College Day)  

Watch a movie about a Religion & Belief Roadshow here

A ’Market Place’ of six or more different faiths & beliefs all under one roof.

Experience sights, sounds and fragrances

  • Colourful stalls run by dedicated faith practitioners
  • Opportunity to directly ask questions
  • Interesting artefacts to handle and cultural foods to sample
  • Clothing tent where cultural/religious items of dress can be tried on
  • Musical instruments
  • Calligraphy

Suitable for young people from primary to college age range:

  • Adaptable for your venue
  • Fun and interactive learning with a celebratory festival atmosphere

2. Mini Roadshow (Morning only)

As above but with four different faiths & beliefs represented 

COMING SOON!  'Facing Faiths' - interactive displays of our faith practitioners which come to life!   Further details to follow.

3. Faith Assemblies (Talk)

A talk on faith and belief today, locally relevant lasting 15 to 20 minutes and tailored to the needs of your school or college.

The talk can be specific to one faith/festival or many – you may specify.

4.  Meet the Faith (Individual/multiple faith sessions - maximum 1 hour each)

An opportunity to meet a dedicated faith practitioner/s in your venue or ours
The session includes:

  • An opportunity for questions/answers and discussion
  • Faith artefacts to investigate and handle
  • Sharing of faith experiences
  • Identity & belonging
  • Discuss key issues of the day
  • Tradition & modesty

Choose from:

Bahá'í, Buddhist, Christian Hindu, Humanist, Muslim, Jewish, or Sikh

5.  Foods of Faith (One Hour)

Interactive session brought to you to help young people understand more about cultural and religious foods as well as fasting rites.

The session includes:

  • An exploration of the symbolism & importance of certain foods & diets      
  • Cultural/faith foods to sample
  • Experienced faith practitioners on hand to explain & talk about food
  • Overview of health, hygiene and food preparation issues

 6. Multi-faith Mosaic (Maximum 1 hour Workshop)

An overview of diversity in the UK today.
Interactive workshop delivered in your venue by a St Philip’s Centre practitioner.

The workshop will:

  • Give information about religion & belief in the UK today
  • Explore Census information
  • Explore migration patterns
  • Explore identity & belonging

Workshops can be tailored to meet curriculum requirements for any age and can be adapted to meet the curriculum requirements for religious studies, for citizenship, for government and contemporary politics

7. British Values Workshop (Maximum 1 hr workshop)

St Philip’s Centre has developed a series of British Values workshops, which can be delivered in school, tailored to the age range and ability of any group. 

The workshop will:

  • Contain a mix of interactive, video clips and team working to develop an understanding of some of the difficult concepts around ‘values’ and ‘identity’
  • Cover the themes of democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty
  • Encourage the ideas of mutual respect for and tolerance of people with different faith or belief systems, or indeed of those with none
  • Encourage children and young people to interpret these abstract ideas in very practical ways which apply to their daily lives, in and out of the classroom.


 8. Carousel Workshops (Up to 1 hour per workshop)

A further development of the ‘Meet the Faith’ workshops in which several faith practitioners deliver simultaneous workshops on one day within your school or college and where each class/year group can move between the workshops to gain a complete faith experience

The carousel will:

  • Give the students the opportunity to meet and engage with faith practitioners in a small group
  • Encourage the students to ask questions and find out about what it means to live as a person of faith in today’s society

 9. Teacher Workshops (Up to 1 hour)

An opportunity to meet a dedicated faith practitioner/s in your venue who will provide guidance and advice to enable deeper understanding and confidence in teaching the faiths as part of the curriculum.

Each workshop will be designed to meet your specific requirements.

The session includes:

  • In depth explanation of aspects of the faith which you specify
  • Practical suggestions for engaging children in learning
  • An opportunity to discuss what it means to follow a particular faith with an experienced practitioner

10.  World Christianity  (20 minute assembly or 1 hour workshop)

This programme gives you the opportunity to explore up to three modern cultural expressions of Christianity and how they developed over time - e.g. African Pentecostal Christianity, High Anglican/Catholic Christianity, South Asian Christianity, Greek Orthodox Christianity

For prices and further details on any of the above programmes, please complete an Education Programme Enquiry Form or contact Gail Kenney,  Programmes Officer or telephone 0116 273 3459.