How can we prepare for our visit?

Having selected from our roadshows, workshops, talks or visits please fill out our Education Programme Enquiry Form to tell us about your requirements. We will contact you within 7 working days to help you finalise a programme which will fit your requirements. Once a booking is made, we will send you a ‘Teacher Pack’, giving you everything needed to carry out risk assessments and other information to note for the visit.

It would be helpful for us to know if the school has delivered any pre-visit sessions with the students so that we can design the event to complement and build on the knowledge the pupils already have.

How long is a visit?

Times vary, depending on the event you require. Some sessions last for part of a school day, others for a full school day. See more detailed descriptions listed on the website.

How much does it cost?

Charges vary depending on the programme you choose and numbers attending.  On visits to Leicester,  a member of staff from St Philip’s Centre will accompany your group from the moment you arrive until the time of departure so that you can enjoy the day without any arrangement worries.

Option 1:
Layout of day:  1 faith visit in the morning only.

Option 2:
Layout of day:  1 visit in the morning, lunch at church, faith related activity in the afternoon.

Option 3:
Layout of the day: 2 visits in the morning, lunch at church, faith related activity in the afternoon/compare and contrast discussion (depending on age)

Option 4:
Layout of the day: 2 visits in the morning, lunch at church, third faith visit in the afternoon

Costs for these visits are per child, not the accompanying adults .  The charges cover all our side of the costs for the day - donations to places of worship/guides, any materials we use in activities, our supervision of the visit on the day and all organisation beforehand, faith pack for teachers and hot drinks for the adults at lunchtime.

For this and other programmes, pricing is available on request - please contact Gail Kenney.

What should our pupils wear?

Please dress appropriately, as you would for school, with comfortable footwear for walking. For visits to some places of worship, shoes must be removed on entry. For others, head coverings are required (head scarves only - hoodies, hats and caps are not suitable).

Further information on this and other protocols on visiting places of worship will be supplied when the booking is confirmed.

Where can we eat?

Children and staff should bring their own packed lunches which they will be able to eat at a local place of worship which we will arrange.  Hot drinks will be provided at lunchtime for teachers/parent helpers only.

Are there toilets?

There are toilets at all places of worship.

What about children with special needs and disabled access?

All visitors will be made welcome at St Philip’s Centre and any place of worship we attend. Our aim is to make your visit rewarding and enjoyable. Every venue we work with has disabled access and is suitable for children of all abilities. Please contact us to discuss any particular needs in your group.

How do we get there and what about parking?

You will need to arrange your own coach, which may need to be available for the whole day depending on the programme booked.

Directions to St Philip’s Centre and Church can be found here.  There is free on-street parking available in surrounding streets but please do not park in the Age UK car park next to the Centre. We will provide suggested directions to other places of worship as required before the visit.

If you have any other questions contact

Gail Kenney, Programmes Officer