St Philip's Centre excels in providing high quality education for public sector organisations and communities. Local authority employees, Police officers, health and social care workers, other public sector workers, schools, colleges and university students have all benefited from our range of programmes. We have recently partnered with Leicester College and local businesses to develop a project to integrate religion and belief diversity into the catering and construction curriculum areas. For St Philip’s Centre, making training relevant to job roles is vital.

Through our team of staff and community faith practitioners, we can deliver tailor-made training for your organisation to cover issues such as prayer time, food and fasting, holy days, dress code and etiquette. Our context of being based in Leicester, described by the Independent newspaper as the “most multicultural city on the planet” (28th July 2013) provides a strong framework for our ethos.

Training courses for public, private and community sector organisations

St Philip’s Centre has a strong track record of providing training in the area of religion and belief for public, private and community sector organisations.   Our range of training courses can be found here - but if none of those fits your requirements, we can work with you to devise and deliver a tailor made programme suited to your organisation’s needs.

Our programmes educate through community exposure and learning through case studies. Visits to places of worship are an optional addition. Organisations we already work closely with include Leicestershire County Council, Leicestershire Police, Leicester City Council and Leicester College.


St Philip’s Centre offers consultancy and advice on a wide range of religion and belief linked issues including employment, service provision and religious observance.

To find out more about the consultancy and advice services we offer contact Riaz Ravat, Deputy Director.