Our Courses

St. Philip's Centre delivers a range of thoughtfully developed sessions and events to help communities understand one another.


A Taste of Faith

A great introduction to a world faith tradition from a faith practitioner, with religious artefacts and food associated with religious festivals or places where that faith is populous.

Choose from the following faiths: Bahá'í, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism or Sikhism.

Focus On...

These sessions are designed for Christians who want to learn more about religions, faiths and culture and their impact in a globalised world. Previous topics have included Pagan-Christian dialogue, Buddhism and Jainism.


Sessions are FREE for members of the Anglican Dioceses of Leicester and Southwell & Nottingham, and the Northampton District of the Methodist Church. 

Non-members cost is £50 (including lunch).

Festivals & Faiths

A short session exploring religious festivals with at least two faith practitioners, including:

  • Understanding Diwali (Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism)
  • Easter and Passover (Christianity and Judaism)
  • Harvest and Eid (Christianity and Islam)

These sessions work best when a church has already held a Taste of Faith session on a particular faith and want to expand their understanding further.

Schools and colleges

Host an event at your school or college

Religion & Belief Roadshow

1 day

A one-day 'marketplace' of six or more faiths and religions suitable for young people from primary to college age. Students can visit colourful stalls run by dedicated faith practitioners and ask questions, handle artefacts and try food from different cultures. Fun, interactive learning in a festival setting.

There is also a mini Religion & Belief Roadshow option, which runs for half a day and showcases four faiths. 

Faith Assembly

15-20 mins

A 15-20 minute talk on faith today, locally relevant and tailored to the needs of each school or college.

Meet the Faith

1 hour

A one-hour course providing an opportunity for young people to meet faith practitioners.

Courses include an opportunity for questions and discussion of identity and belonging and tradition and modesty, as well as sharing faith experiences. Choose from the following faiths: Bahá'í, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Humanism, Islam, Judaism, or Sikhism.

Schools and colleges can book a single course, a series, or a 'carousel', in which multiple courses are delivered at the same time, allowing year groups to rotate through. 

Foods of Faith

1 hour

A one-hour interactive course to inform young people about cultural and religious foods, as well as fasting rites. Led by a faith practitioner, this course looks at foods and diets of world faiths, gives an overview of health and food preparation, and provides foods to sample.

Multi-faith Mosaic

An interactive course that gives an overview of diversity in the UK today. 

This course covers religion and belief and looks at census information, as well as exploring migration patterns, identity and belonging.

British Values

1 hour

A one-hour interactive workshop on values and identity to help young people understand how they apply to their everyday lives. Can be tailored to any age range and ability. Uses a mix of video clips and team working and covers democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty, as well as encouraging mutual respect and tolerance. 

Teacher Workshop

1 hour

A one-hour workshop led by faith practitioners to give teachers deeper understanding and confidence teaching faith as part of the curriculum. Tailored to your school's requirements.

Workshop includes in-depth explanations of aspects of faith and practical suggestions for engaging young people in learning.

Attend an event in Leicester

Faiths Tourism

1 day

A full day of visits to places of worship of world faiths. Choose from the following faiths: Bahá'í, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Humanism, Jainism, Judaism, Islam or Sikhism, or a combination.

St. Philip's Centre will organise visits and ensure a faith practitioner is at each venue to answer questions and share information in a friendly, supportive environment. 

Incredible Indian Experience

1 day

Leicester is the UK's most 'Indian' city and home to the famous 'Golden Mile' of Indian shops and businesses. This exciting one-day programme brings faith and culture together. 

An innovative experience combing a visit to a place of worship with visits to Indian supermarkets, saree shops and food tasting. 

World in One Street

1 day

A one-day tour of Narborough Road, sometimes called the UK's most diverse street. Young people get to enjoy the world at local level.

The tour takes in the sights, sounds and fragrances of shops and restaurants from countries such as Canada, India, Kenya, and Poland and Zimbabwe. Includes a trail with points of interest. 


Introduction to World Faiths

1 day

This course explores issues of order and public safety and how they affect faith communities. 

It includes insight into some of the major world faiths and a visit to a place of worship of a world religion and is ideal for police, army and public sector workers. 

Participants will talk with faith experts from the local community and learn through open, safe dialogue and case studies.

Prevent C.A.R.E. courses

A range of basic and accredited courses for public sector workers, including health, social care, local authority, probation, education, prisons, police and youth and community workers. 

C.A.R.E. courses are available at three levels depending on your organisation’s requirements.

For dates and to register your interest please contact the Programmes Officer.


Short (unvalidated) course 


New, one-day course certified by Leicester College. Course fee: £90 per person.


Two-day validated course for more in-depth learning. Course fee: £160 per person.

Free WRAP training

This introductory workshop explains how the government’s Prevent strategy protects communities from extremism. 

This workshop provides an understanding of the strategy and it's links to safeguarding, as well as explaining how to recognise vulnerable individuals who may need support and who to refer them to.