Our Community

At the heart of our work are our diverse religious and belief communities. We serve them in a number of ways through public benefit activities which include charity days, integration initiatives over food, roundtable discussions, lectures and seminars. We are committed to working with communities to promote encounter, harbour trust, strengthen understanding and encourage co-operation.


Here are some examples of our community work:

Summer Mitzvah: In partnership with the Jewish community, we hold an annual event where we encourage supermarket shoppers to donate at least one food or item of toiletry which we then give to charities supporting the homeless or victims of domestic violence. Our volunteers, shoppers and beneficiaries come from many different religions and beliefs.

Hindu-Muslim Friendship Meals: Based on the Channel 4 series 'Come Dine With Me', we pair families from each faith who have never met before to reciprocally host one another in their homes for meals. Our aim is to create friendships and to build mutually beneficial relationships.

Cops Communities Consent: An international partnership (UK, Netherlands, Belgium) which works with different religious and belief/ black and minority ethnic communities to raise awareness of Police careers and opportunities to strengthen trust and accountability.

Cross & Crescent Group: A dialogue group to facilitate mutual learning about Christianity and Islam and an opportunity for Christians and Muslims to form bonds.’