Cruse Bereavement Care are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following roles:

 1) More Bereavement Volunteers to see clients - our next training course is due to start in a few weeks' time. Full details are available by e-mailing the Area Office, as below.

 2) Area Chair - to manage the Leicestershire & Rutland Area of Cruse via the Area Committee (monthly area meetings, operating from the area office, networking externally, managing growth and expansion). More details available by way of an informal chat with John Lawrie at the Area Office.

 3) Head of Equality & Diversity for the Area Committee - a new and very important role, starting with a "blank sheet of paper". To analyse the existing situation, internally and externally, and then to put together an action plan to develop and improve the situation by liaison and networking. More details from John Lawrie. 

 4) A few other roles on the Area Committee, including Heads of: Premises & Venues, IT & Technology.  More details from John Lawrie. 

Being a Charity with funding running very tight, all of the roles are voluntary and unpaid.

For further information about any of these roles, please contact:

John Lawrie

Cruse Bereavement Care

Area Office

The Business Box (B.50)

3 Oswin Road



Tel: 0116 2613516 (Mon - Wed mornings).

E-mail: [email protected]