On Monday 3rd December, Tom Wilson attended a ceremony at Lambeth Palace to mark 80 years since Kristallnacht and the arrival of the first children on the Kindertransport. We heard from both the Chief Rabbi and the Archbishop of Canterbury. They both spoke movingly and reminded us of the importance of working together to tackle difference and challenge prejudice and hatred. We also heard from Kindertransportee Ruth Barnett who gave a moving and challenging account of her disrupted childhood. Torn from home and travelling alone to England, she arrived speaking no English. But by the time her mother came to collect her some years after the war had ended, she spoke virtually no German, and so her own mother had become a stranger to her. Lord Pickles and Dr Jennifer Craig-Norton also spoke, reminding us of the horrors of the Kindertransport - we welcomed children to the United Kingdom, but what of their parents? It was a sobering reminder that while we may view the past with rose-tinted spectacles, we must work hard in the present to continue learning how to live well together.