My name is John McCallum.   I’m the Near Neighbours Co-ordinator for the East Midlands programme of activity covering Leicester and Nottingham. Based in St Philip’s Centre, my role is to help individuals and their neighbourhood communities make the best use of the opportunities Near Neighbours offers.

On these pages you will be able to explore the exciting developments that Near Neighbours has brought about in the first 5 years of the programme and find out how to get involved yourself. In Leicester 101 projects have received a share of £264,671 and in Nottingham 40 projects have received £141,946. As a result many thousands of people of diverse belief and ethnicity have made a big impact on the well-being of neighbourhood communities.

The Near Neighbours programme is open to anyone living and working in either the City of Leicester or the City of Nottingham who is willing to engage at the local level with their Neighbours from the many and diverse faith and non-faith traditions that make up the rich and vibrant tapestry of our cities. View the case studies on this site to see some of the vital projects our communities are getting involved in.