The Centre has a wide programme of public benefit activities and community engagement. This is reflected not only in the dialogues between different faiths, so crucial in the process of building understanding, friendship and trust, but also in the active involvement of the Centre in community life.

There are, of course, particular projects dealt with elsewhere on this site, but the Centre has, over and above these projects, a real and continuing commitment to play its part in facilitating the search for solutions when community threats and tensions emerge. We are acutely aware that there is no room for complacency if the threats to community peace and harmony are to be met. This means that we work closely with a variety of faith and community partners both locally and more widely.

The faiths provide regular opportunities for service, notably Harvest and Christmas, Sewa Day and Mitzvah Day; and St Philip’s brings people together from different faiths to make the most of these times.

St Philip’s also organises seminars, exhibitions, conferences and lectures. At times of significant anniversaries, times of thanksgiving and forthcoming challenge, St Philip’s works with others e.g. Leicester Cathedral, to hold multi faith vigils and events.