St Philip's Centre is a small organisation with a big impact on society that relies on the support of a wide variety of people in order to achieve our aims.   We do not believe in talking about issues of faith and belief in theory, but rather in enabling people with different viewpoints to engage with each other and discover and learn together.

We passionately believe that, even in a broken world, people can learn to live well together.  

That's why we do what we do. And the need is greater now than it ever was but we cannot do it without your support.  We need your expertise, your financial generosity and your prayers to join with us in making the world a better place. 

How to support us

St Philip's Centre is an independent charity.  Our premises and the Director's salary are currently provided by the Anglican Diocese of Leicester and we receive a service level grant from the Northampton District of the Methodist Church, but all our other costs must be met through our activities and fundraising.

It costs approximately £60 per day to meet our core administrative costs (heating, lighting, photocopier etc) and£180 per day to pay the support staff.  

You can support us in the following ways:

  • By becoming an Ambassador and making an annual commitment to meet one or both of the costs of a day's operation at the Centre.   You can join the Ambassadors' Scheme by downloading the appropriate forms
  • By volunteering your time to support our day-to-day activities - contact the Centre if you would like to do this
  • By leaving a legacy to St Philip's Centre in your will
  • By encouraging companies/organisations to partner with us or sponsor us
  • By fundraising for us