Churches' Work Events

Here you can find a list of the training sessions and events which are coming up during 2018/19 and details of how you can register for them.Read more

Texts Together (Scriptural Reasoning)

These evening sessions give time to explore Holy Scriptures as part of a group, contributing to a discussion around a theme from your own faith perspective. Scriptural Reasoning is a particular method of engagement with different world faith scriptures– perhaps focused around a theme, such as Light, or for Abrahamic faiths around a shared person e.g. Moses. For more information on Scriptural Reasoning, the following website is an excellent resource: more

Focus on.....

Focus on... sessions are designed for Christians who want to learn more about religions, faiths and cultures – and their impact on a globalised world Focus On… sessions are ideal for Christians who want to learn specifically about one faith. It will involve a visit to a place of worship and time for discussion and reflection.Read more

Bespoke offer

Dr Laura Johnson and Revd Dr Tom Wilson (the Centre Director) are happy to discuss bespoke training needs with you and offer advice consultancy services, particularly to Christian ministers or chaplains working in multi-faith contexts. We can also help in brokering contacts between leaders of different faiths.Read more

A Taste of Faith

This short session is ideal as a first point of contact with a world faith tradition. It might also be a helpful session prior to visiting a place of worshipRead more

Festivals and Faiths

This short session is ideal for a group wanting to learn more about a particular festival in one faith tradition.Read more