Christians Aware Open Day - Thursday 14th June 2018

Christians Aware invite you to join them for their Open Day on Thursday 14th June 2018Read more


St Philip's Centre is committed to the safeguarding and protection of all children, young people and adults involved in our activities and recognises that everyone who participates in our work has a role to play in promoting a safer environment and culture. You can find our Safeguarding Policies here.Read more

Council for Christians & Jews - 14th June

Details of the CCJ June meeting on 14th June, 7.30 - 9.00 pm at St James the Greater Church Hall.Read more

Faith Awareness Summer Course - visiting places of worship

Find out information about the Faith Awareness summer course on visiting places of worship, which runs from 4th June to 2nd July 2018.Read more

Faith Awareness Leicester Day Course

Faith Awareness Leicester are holding a day course on Saturday 30th June entitled: Philosophy - its impact on religion, faith & belief - past, present and future.Read more

Our Partners

The St Philip's Centre is a resourcing, not a representative, organisation. We do not work in isolation but in relationship with a wide variety of groups and professional bodies. Our partnerships are always established for a purpose, to meet shared objectives, mutually enhance delivery of services and further the common good.Read more

Near Neighbours supports 'End FGM' by planting a tree

Near Neighbours has supported an event to End FGM, alongside the Mojatu Foundation, Nottingham City Council and a range of partners. Read more about it here.Read more

Catalyst Leadership Programme

Watch this video to find out about the Near Neighbours Catalyst leadership programme for young adultsRead more

Case Study: Islamic Society of Britain

Read about the Saturday Stop-by Project organised by the ISB and St James the Greater ChurchRead more

Case Study: Confederation of Indian Organisations

Read about another successful Near Neighbours projectRead more

Case Study: Hope Hamilton

Read about Hope Hamilton Church's successful projectRead more

Case Study: Parents Together

Read about one of the projects which has been funded by Near NeighboursRead more

Support Us and Have Fun

St Philip's Centre is all about bringing people together, so why not get together with some people of different faith backgrounds and organise a fundraising event for us?Read more

Could you remember St Philip's Centre in your will?

St Philip’s Centre is a registered charity (number 1114686), and we rely on the generosity of our supporters. A gift in your will, whether large or small, could make a real difference to what we can do. We are grateful for all gifts.Read more

Support St Philip's Centre

St Philip's Centre is a charity and relies on your support. The grants we receive, while generous, do not meet all of our core costs, covering less than half of our annual operational costs. A donation from you would help bridge this gap. All gifts are most gratefully received, whether large or small.Read more

Attend FREE WRAP Training (Workshops to Raise Awareness of Prevent)

Terrorism is a real and serious threat to us all and we have seen that terrorists can strike at any time and any place without warning. Leicestershire’s focus is to work with, for and on behalf of our communities. Everyone can play their part in the identification, referral and support of vulnerable people who may be drawn to extremism and at riskof radicalisation. The WRAP workshop is an introduction to the safeguarding elements of Prevent.Read more

Book a place on a C.A.R.E. Course

A certified (level 2) one-day course (9.30 am - 6.30 pm) For health, social care, local authority, probation, education, prisons, police, youth & community workforcesRead more

We come to You

There are a number of programmes we can offer to you at your own schoolRead more

You come to Leicester

Find out about the programmes your school can do in LeicesterRead more

About St Philip's Centre

Thank you for your interest in St Philip's Centre. We are a small organisation with a big impact on society. We do not believe in talking about issues of faith and belief in theory but rather in enabling people with different viewpoints to engage with each other and discover and learn together.Read more

FAQ's about our Education Programme

Are you planning to bring a school group to Leicester? Find the answers to your questions here.Read more

Catalyst Young Adults' Leadership Training

The Catalyst Young Adults' Leadership Training Course has been specifically developed to widen the skills base of young people. Career progression requires academic qualifications but also wider competences including leadership, judgement and communication.Read more

Prevent Programme

The City Mayor of Leicester and the Home Office agreed that Leicester’s Prevent work would be led by St Philip’s Centre working in partnership with agencies and groups including the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO). The post of Prevent Coordinator is located here.Read more

Faith in Action

Find out about how the Centre works with different faith communities to mark Mitzvah Day and Sewa Day.Read more