As part of our on-going commitment to offer training to our volunteer faith practitioners, Laura and Tom hosted a Taste of Faith on Christianity last week for those involved in our churches work. The session was organised at the request of some of our volunteers who wanted to learn more about Christianity, so that they could better draw parallels with their own faith and understand the perspectives of Christian communities when visiting them to talk about their own faith. 

It was a really good session, with wide-ranging questions on the history and doctrines of Christianity as well as questions about personal Christian beliefs. We also provided some food in the form of pancakes, hot cross buns, chocolate eggs… and quiche (anyone who has ever been to a church buffet will understand why!). The feedback from the session was very good, with people commenting that they had learnt a lot and that it would help them when engaging with Christian groups. Some also said that it made them realise just how diverse Christianity is, for example in terms of the different church traditions and denominations. For Tom and Laura, it was a really good experience to be on the other side of the table, explaining Christianity to a diverse group of people who asked all kinds of searching and challenging questions. Nothing like having to think on your feet!