On Tuesday 10th July, students from six Church of England secondary schools gathered in Southwell Minister for a workshop on the theme of Learning to Live Well Together. The schools were Samworth Church Academy; Magnus C of E Academy; Bluecoat Wollaton Academy; Bluecoat Aspley Academy; the Nottingham Emmanuel School; and the Minster School.

The focus of the workshop was on enabling pupils to understand how sacred texts can be mis-used to promote violence and hatred of people and how they should be interpreted in the light of their original context in a way that promotes better relationships with people of all faiths and no faith. Pupils heard from a panel consisting of speakers of Hindu, Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith and worked in small groups to prepare presentations about the interpretations of sacred texts and discuss how they would share what they had learnt with their peers back at school. The workshop was jointly organised by the Education Department of Southwell and Nottingham Diocese, Southwell Minster and the St Philip’s Centre.