The Education Team had a great day with nearly thirty A-Level students from Horncastle on Tuesday 24th April, with a visit to Shree Sanatan Mandir and time in the afternoon for various discussions. Laura Johnson led this programme for the St Philip's Centre.

We were delighted to spend a couple of hours at Shree Sanatan Mandir on Catherine Street, hosted by Vibhooti Acharya, the president of the temple. We observed the morning aarti and had a tour of the temple, visiting the wedding hall and going round the key areas in the main worshipping space. Vibhooti spent lots of time explaining about the different deities before allowing the students to wander around a bit by themselves to explore. We had some Q and A with Vibhooti answering questions about Hindu worship, the difference between smriti and sruti scriptures and puja in the home. 

We returned to the St Philip’s Centre for lunch after which we were joined by Jiva Odedra, another Hindu faith practitioner. The students spent time in their year groups (as this visit combined the Year 12 and the Year 13 students) and spent time with Laura or Jiva before swapping over. We covered a lot of ground – Laura spoke with them about The Puranas and the iconography of the Hindu deities and Jiva spent some time discussing philosophy. The students seemed to enjoy the visit and for many of them it was their first ever visit to a Mandir. Many thanks to Vibhooti and Shree Sanatan Mandir for their warm hospitality and to Jiva for his time in the afternoon.