On Thursday 1st March, Tom Wilson and Laura Johnson attended Holi celebrations at Cossington Recreation Ground. Despite the snow, lots of local Hindus had turned out to celebrate the festival of Holi, with a huge bonfire. Offerings of whole coconuts were made into the fire and were then received back by worshippers; some people were walking the perimeter of the fire with the milk flowing from the coconuts in front of them and we also saw candles being lit and holy water being used as part of individual celebration.

One lady kindly told us about the story traditionally associated with Holi, where a cloak or scarf flies off of Holika (who was using her powers for evil) when she sits in the fire with a small child, Prahlad, and protects him from the fire instead of her. Another man told us that by offering coconuts into the fire, it would help couples’ relationships. We certainly both learnt a lot about Holi and what it meant to Hindus who had braved the freezing weather to celebrate it. Thanks to Shree Sanatan Mandir for the invitation to attend.