Between August and October 2017, the St Philip’s Centre conducted a review of its work, Forward with Confidence. The trustees and staff are very grateful to everyone who took part in the consultations, speaking about their experience of working with the Centre. The Trustees of the Centre met at the end of October to consider the findings of the review. 

The trustees were pleased with the finding that the Centre is doing a good job, that there is broad support for maintaining the Centre's Christian identity and the recognition of the Centre as a safe space where complex issues can be discussed. We also recognise that we could always do better. As a Centre we will continue taking active steps to hear from and engage with all of our stakeholders, provide further opportunities for formal and informal interaction and as far as we can take the work we do out of the Centre and in to the wider community.

I hope we can count on your continued support and good will as we continue learning how to live well together.

A copy of the executive summary of the review can be downloaded here


Revd Dr Tom Wilson