On Thursday 13th September, a small group of Christians took part in the St Philip's Centre's latest "Focus on..." course. We began the day with a visit to Jalaram Mandir, learning about the history of the mandir, from its humble beginnings in the homes of devout Hindus in the late 1970s to moving into the present building in the 1990s. We also observed arti (pictured above) and discussed life and faith with the devotees attending worship.

The group then returned to the Centre, for an extended discussion with two local Hindus about Hindu faith and practice and a reflection on 'devotion to the Lord in Hinduism and Christianity.' Participants shared bajans, mantras, Psalms and hymns that had personal significance to them, explaining how they help them in their spiritual journal and when they face challenges in life. The conversation was challenging and stimulating, as we established points of connection between our different spiritual practices and also discussed the differences between what each of us do. A great chance to encounter those who are different and develop a deeper understanding of how they see the world.