Tom and Laura from the St Philip’s Centre took part in a number of meetings in early December to further develop some resources that will equip Hindus and Christians to engage in Scriptural Reasoning together. The process of Scriptural Reasoning is well established amongst the Abrahamic faith communities but has gained much less traction in conversations with other faith groups. Working in partnership with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, the Centre has been engaged in a dialogue project throughout 2017 with a view to building sufficient trust between the different parties so that meaningful scriptural reasoning can take place. The work has been funded through grants from the Spalding and Teape Trusts and has enabled us to develop a pocket guide for those engaged in first encounters between Hindus and Christians, as well as some “text bundles” on themes such as “divine descent,” “what happens after death” and “food and drink.” We will be using these resources in our work in 2018, not least in a major conference planned for June 2018. To find out more about the conference, please contact the Centre office ([email protected]).