On Wednesday 11th April, Laura accompanied Bishop Guli on her first ever visit to a Gurdwara. We were greeted at Guru Amar Das Gurdwara in Clarendon Park by Surinder Kaur Sandhu, our guide for the afternoon. Surinder showed Bishop Guli around the worship hall, explaining about the main aspects of the Sikh faith including the ten Gurus, the oneness of God and the significance of the Guru Granth Sahib. We then met with some of the gentlemen who come and partake in exercise classes on a Wednesday (pictured above), who explained a bit about some of the community aspects of the Gurdwara.  We had really interesting conversations with everyone we met, and were delighted to share in langar with lots of people over lunch. It was a really enjoyable afternoon, and we would like to extend our thanks to the Gurdwara for their wonderful hospitality.