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St Philip’s Centre 10,000 People Inter Faith Engagement Programme

The Centre is a committed to a wide programme of training, public benefit activities and community engagement. This is reflected not only in the dialogues between different faiths, so crucial in the process of building understanding, friendship and trust, but also in the active involvement of the Centre in community life.
In 2015 St Philip’s Centre worked with over 9,000 individuals and hundreds of organisations who wanted to learn more about faiths and faith communities.

Our Trustees, Staff, Volunteers and Partners are constantly addressing the growing needs we are asked to resource and we are extending our work to reach a further 2,500 people per year, of all ages and experiences, to enable them to be better informed, mutually tolerant and more likely to engage in productive relationships with faith communities in cities, towns and increasingly in rural areas.

Because people are at the centre of our work we have chosen to call this drive for faith awareness
St Philip’s Centre’s 10,000 People Inter Faith Engagement Programme.

We are actively seeking partners to both fund and participate in this ambitious strategy that will have a  significant impact on neighbourhoods across the UK.

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