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Talks & assemblies

We can deliver to your venue a talk on faith and belief today – relevant to the local or national scene – lasting 15 to 20 minutes

  • Specific to one faith or many – you choose
  • Engaging and relevant to your curriculum needs – for Religious Education, for Community Cohesion, for Citizenship
  • Pitched to whatever is the age range of your pupils



Customised Programmes

Diversity eventOther parts of St Philip’s Centre teaching and education programme can be tailored to your assembly needs. For example ‘Meet the Faith/s’ and ‘Multi-Faith Mosaic’ can be delivered as talks rather than workshops. For more details of both, please click on ‘Workshops’

We can also help you to design an education package of your own choice, taking elements from our main programmes.

We can assist you to prepare activities to mark or celebrate particular national events, e.g. Equality and Diversity Week/Month, National Interfaith Week, as well as the main festivals of the faith calendars, e.g. Diwali, Eid, Easter and Vaisakhi.

For more information contact:-

Gail Kenney, Programmes Officer


Riaz Ravat BEM, Interim Director of St Philip’s Centre

or Contact the Centre


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