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Religion & Belief Roadshow (whole day)


Bringing several different religions and beliefs to you

  • Interactive & vibrant stalls run by faith practitioners 
  • Interesting artefacts to handle & explore
  • Cultural foods to sample
  • Clothing tent where cultural/religious dress can be tried on
  • Henna painting
  • Cultural/faith musical instruments to play & listen to
  • & much more!

– Suitable for young people from primary to college age range

– Adaptable for your venue

– Fun and interactive learning

– Vibrant and high-impact atmosphere brought to your venue

– Timed to run during whole school/college day

What people say:-

“I would like to say what a wonderful day we had on Friday…all the children were still talking about it today!

Your staff were so child friendly and knowledgeable it was a real pleasure to spend time with them.”


Mini Religion & Belief Roadshow (part of the School or College day)


As above but with with 4 faiths of your choice, timed to run for part of your school/college day. Ideal for smaller venues.

What people said:

“Well paced and involving throughout the day for all learning abilities”

“I liked trying out new things, dressing up and tasting different foods – everyone who taught us was lovely”


For more information contact:-

Gail Kenney,  Programmes Officer


Riaz Ravat BEM, Interim Director of St Philip’s Centre

or Contact the Centre


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