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Faithful Futures supported by The Dulverton Trust

Schools and Colleges Religion and Belief Education Programme


To equip students in schools and colleges to value a tolerant, multi faith and diverse society



Our ‘Faithful Futures’ religion and belief education programme is a comprehensive, quality assured and reputable service that has served over 100 schools in 2014-15. We have achieved the quality mark from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom as a provider. We believe that children and young people learn best when they are inspired by the experiences of meeting people of diverse faiths and beliefs and visiting their places of worship. Our staff and team of community faith practitioners have excelled in delivering a programme that promotes equality, respect and non-discrimination. Faithful Futures champions the hard won freedom to follow a faith or belief and encourages students to uphold this right that is protected in law by challenging prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour.



Our menu of high quality inter-faith programmes for schools and colleges meet curriculum and life skills needs and we know that children, young people, staff, governors, parents and guardians all value the authenticity of our work. We bring the best of the faith based voluntary sector experience into the educational environment and do this with due regard to safeguarding and the unique privilege we have of working with each of the many young lives we meet each year. From a menu of tried and tested sessions, to bespoke delivery, schools/colleges and teacher training establishments across England are recognising the unique experience and outstanding delivery that Faithful Futures brings to students and their learning.

St Philip's Centre Inter Faith Event at Mount Grace High School, in Hinckley - 150 children learnt about several different world religions and beliefs all under one roof as the ‘Religion & Belief Roadshow’ came to town for the third year in succession... Students Joseph Martin, 12, May Rishi, 12 and Thomas Fullerton, 12 Contact - Tom Dunne at Mount Grace High School on 01455 238921 or Riaz Ravat BEM at St Philip’s Centre on 0116 273 3459 PICTURE WILL JOHNSTON



All for One & One for All Project


Our ‘All for One & One for All’ project is a partnership between the Centre and Leicester College.With the support of the Skills Funding Agency and NIACE, the initiative works with students from the Construction and Catering departments of the college to help them understand the lucrative economic benefits which understanding diversity can bring.

Leicester College in partnership with St Philip’s Centre have developed this project to help integrate issues of religion and belief diversity into the curriculum. The project will focus on two areas in particular, construction and hospitality. The project will engender an appreciation of religions/beliefs, celebrate diversity and to understand the economic and business benefits which diversity brings. This is a vital aspect of the project because it will help to equip the students for their future careers.

The project will also challenge areas of prejudice and stereotyping perpetuated by extremist and racist groups, by developing the critical thinking of learners and staff and provide a safe space for staff and learners to talk about and address topical issues such as honour-based violence and forced marriage.

All for One & One for All involves tutorials, exhibitions, visits and trips to places of worship. The project is supported by Leicester College’s multi-faith chaplaincy service.

Riaz Ravat, Interim Director said, “This is one of our most innovative and exciting project partnerships with Leicester College. By working with students we have developed an intensive programme of education which is interactive and provides them with the skills and knowledge to benefit from the huge potential markets which Leicester offers whether it is in the construction trade or in catering. Understanding diversity can provide a significant economic boost to any organisation and this project was set up to help students before they embark on their chosen careers”.

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