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History & funding

The Centre’s history was born out of the 2001 disturbances, the 2001 census findings, 9/11 and 7/7 events. The Church of England nationally encouraged local dioceses to engage with what became known as Presence and Engagement (see  2005 GS1577). In 2008 the Anglican communion published ‘Generous Love’ and in 2010-11 this was followed by further General Synod debate and endorsement with new papers ‘Sharing the Gospel of Salvation’ (GS956) and ‘Generous Love for All’ (GS1838). In Leicester, the Bishop took all this to heart and put local support behind creating a P & E Centre. A new idea in 2004, became a task group in 2005, which formally became the St Philip’s Centre at the beginning of 2006. Since those earliest days the Centre’s work has much expanded.’

The Centre’s first director was Revd Dr Andrew Wingate. On his retirement in 2010, Revd Dr John Hall arrived from a post in Coventry to take on the position until his own retirement in November 2014.

In September 2015, Revd Dr Tom Wilson  became our third Director.  Tom’s previous role was as Vicar of St James and Christ Church in the Diocese of Gloucester.

St Philip’s Centre is grateful for the funding and support it has received from

The Anglican Diocese of Leicester

The Baptist Union

Council for World Mission

Home Office

Northampton District of the Methodist Church

The Laing Trust

Leicester City Council

Leicester College

The Teape Trust

NC Bellefontaine Charitable Trust

Near Neighbours (Dept. for Communities & Local Government)

St Philip’s Centre Ambassadors’ Scheme:  

 We are also grateful for the support of individuals and organisations who support us financially and who join as Ambassadors, which helps to further the work of the Centre.

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