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The context of being God’s Christian people in Britain has never been more diverse.The latest census figures prompt us to wonder how soon we will be one of several minorities in this country.  We are challenged to ascertain our place in society as never before:-

  • How are we to remain competent and confident in our faith, our trust in God in Christ?
  • How are we to sustain a Christian presence in the midst of this diversity?
  • How are we to engage most responsibly with others of faith, or perhaps, no particular faith, in our communities?

St Philip’s Centre is well-placed to assist churches of all denominations come to recognise those questions and to address them with appropriate resources, both in print and in person. We share good relations with faith practitioners and are fortunate to enjoy the good will of all the faiths represented in Leicester.  We relish the opportunity to assist you as you learn to share Christian faith and witness in this multi-faith society.

Our next “Christian Engagement in the Multi Faith World” course will take place on Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd February 2017.

The course is FREE to members of the Anglican Dioceses of Leicester & Southwell & Nottingham and to members of the Northampton District of the Methodist Church, but for others costs £140.

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